Monthly Archives: October 2011

What I am/was playing

I suppose I could do the review part now, because I don’t really have anything else to do.
What I was playing:
Call of Duty 3: This game dulled me to a point to where I never want to play it again. gameplay was dull, weapons were dull, an the level design was uninspired. People have told me that this is one of their favorite game from the franchise, so I guess I’m never buying any of those games anymore. 2/10

Zelda II: All I can say is this: Stop bitching about the difficulty, and play this game. It’s not as hard as people say. As for placement in a top ten list, I would place it around 3rd or 4th place. 9/10

Epic Mickey: The main problem that most people had with this game is the camera angles. I, myself, did not have a problem with that. It’s a pretty solid 3D platformer, and is really well done in general. Very charming.8.5/10

Right now, I felt like re-playing Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, mainly because that was one of my favorite games as a child.
Oh yeah. One more thing. I’m beta testing Cave Story+ right now, so I won’t have a lot of time to do what I was doing before.


More Information That I Should Mention…

First of all, I want to state how I will be modding in my free time:

My mod will be created/worked on WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT. I will add more to the mod overtime to allow it to blossom.

As for a release date, I will post it when it’s done. It will have one to three stories and have more as time progresses. The final version will be called a Final Version when I feel that I have accomplished something to my likings.

Also, Noxid’s new Cave Story engine reminded me of something that I almost forgot to mention (not the actual engine, but some little mistake in the script when I play tested it last night). My last idea was to have a textbox show the text while the game was actually running. For example, if there was a mysterious voice going on (either in the cave or in the protagonist’s mind) while he/she was fighting monsters in the cave, I would put in the textbox and leave the <KEY command out of the script.

Other than that, I have nothing.


Edit: One last thing. This blog will be updated irregularly. One week I could update on a Monday and the other week I could update on a Wednesday. Sometimes I could have a week when I would not update at all. It doesn’t really matter to me in that case.

I know what to do now!

I finally have an idea on what I could do on this blog. Random stuff! (But mostly reviews)For example, one day I could be talking about how awesome AltimaMantoid is as an LP’er and the next day I could be looking at a video game. Other than that, I don’t know what else to do…

Oh yeah, I’m thinking of modifying Cave Story. I had some pretty basic that haven’t been implemented yet, so I could do that.

Here are the basic ideas:

1) There will be a linear path with some branching off into more complex territories. I am thinking of having the first update to have one-three linear paths, an have more as time progresss.

2) A checkpoint system. I modified the save script to instantly save the game, view “Checkpoint” wait for the player to press a button, and then continue with the game. Why an I doing this? Take a look at Epic Mickey; the game is very liberal with checkpoints, but that’s not the point (no pun intended). If you make a choice, the game saves, and there’s no turning back. That’s what I want to do. If you start a story, you shouldn’t have the option to look back on what you wanted to get. It’s too late to do so.

Right now, I have ~3-4 maps done right now. All but one is fully scripted, and  I intend to have Igor as the first boss.

As for story, I have no clue. Right now, I testing out what those two elements can do.