I know what to do now!

I finally have an idea on what I could do on this blog. Random stuff! (But mostly reviews)For example, one day I could be talking about how awesome AltimaMantoid is as an LP’er and the next day I could be looking at a video game. Other than that, I don’t know what else to do…

Oh yeah, I’m thinking of modifying Cave Story. I had some pretty basic that haven’t been implemented yet, so I could do that.

Here are the basic ideas:

1) There will be a linear path with some branching off into more complex territories. I am thinking of having the first update to have one-three linear paths, an have more as time progresss.

2) A checkpoint system. I modified the save script to instantly save the game, view “Checkpoint” wait for the player to press a button, and then continue with the game. Why an I doing this? Take a look at Epic Mickey; the game is very liberal with checkpoints, but that’s not the point (no pun intended). If you make a choice, the game saves, and there’s no turning back. That’s what I want to do. If you start a story, you shouldn’t have the option to look back on what you wanted to get. It’s too late to do so.

Right now, I have ~3-4 maps done right now. All but one is fully scripted, and  I intend to have Igor as the first boss.

As for story, I have no clue. Right now, I testing out what those two elements can do.


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