Monthly Archives: March 2012

So I’m Making a New Mod

So I it isn’t evident enough from my title, I’m making a new mod. I have no idea what it’s going to be named yet, but it will be about the beloved CSTSF moderator Noxid and his quest to ban all of the goblins and spambots that are invading the forums in a spammy fashion. Satisfied, yes? It is being worked in right now, but I don’t really want to spoil anything on here right now until everything’s done.

I don’t really like giving out release dates that much, because life is just too unexpected, but I am hoping/striving for a release date on April 1st, 2012.

But, if you do want to know where I’m at now, I’ll jut give a general idea without spoilers:
I am almost done with all of the new graphics, tilesets, etc, but I have not completed 1 map yet. I’m almost done with one, but that needs some polishing and finishing. I plan to have about 6 new medium sized maps total. 3 chapters will be included: The Goblin Village, The Spambots’ Lair, and The Halls of Hell (pending name). Two new maps per chapter, with a mini boss in the first and a bigger boss at the third. Since I am terrible at putting bosses in with TSC, I will constructing the levels from their maps (goblin village igor boss map will be based off of egg corridor, curly-themed boss based off of Curly’s map, etc.)

Tl;dr stage 1 -> mini boss -> stage 2 -> Boss stage

And yeah, the other mod that I was working on has been shamelessly abandoned for at least 5 months, so yeah. I’m still keeping the mod’s mychar.pbm though because I really did like that. Also, as goofy the walking animation looked, it could use some touching up.