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Livestreaming and other shenanigains

So for the past few days I have been livestreaming a bunch of random stuff. at first, I livestreamed Rokko Chan for some people on #curlybrace, and later a game called SoulFu (note: If you hear a bunch of HEEEYYYYY’s anywhere on teh CSTSF, that’s where it’s from). At first, I livestreamed through, but unfortunately, the random stuttering was absolute bullshit, and later left that. On a good note, made this, which was pretty fun to make in general. I love the Mega Manz, and playing this game was just awesome for me. Plus, I met some people who were pretty cool also.

Right now I am livestreaming through Livestream, which is great because the Livestream Procaster probably has more features than the free version of XSplit (not to mention, Procaster is free also), plus Livestream doesn’t have any random stuttering. Unless Livestream gives me some random bullshit (not to mention, I have had some freezing last night, but that might just be my computer), I plan to use that from now on.